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I am an Ambassador for The Embody Lab.

The organization I am an Ambassador for focuses primarily on Somatic Psychology, Polyvagal Theory, the Hakomi Method, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Internal Family Systems, Somatic Attachment Theory, and several others. The purpose is to provide as many angles to address nervous system awareness as possible so that people can be led to the one that is genuinely effective for them.


I am an online public figure with 180,000k followers on TikTok & 32,000k on Instagram. I repeatedly have gone viral for years on my experimental ideas about metacognition, navigating social influence, mirroring/appeasement, awareness of manual nervous system stimulation, defense against cognitive distortion, and defense against conscious programming.


I am an online social activist whose mission is to strengthen a grounded sense of identity throughout the public. I strive to achieve this through education on physiology and defense against casual, everyday self-distortion.


I accomplish this by exploring lines of logic that lead to self-detachment, self-disconnection, and self-sabotage. Together with my community, we explore the pros and cons of self-analysis, discussing where misdirected self-awareness can lead to distortion of the identity. My goals are to assist individuals on their unique journey by rooting their identity to themselves over time to pursue their small and big life goals.


I am trained in Mind & Body Coaching through the lens of Somatic Psychology & Trauma-Informed sensitivity, helping one to find a grounded and supportive identity in their nervous system.

I work best with individuals with an active internal mental imagery and a moderate awareness of how to feel their nervous system, sensations, and emotions.


I am the creator of The Self Paradox Room, creating physical workbooks to navigate where identity information shows up on your nervous system.


My upcoming book, “The Subconscious Codex” is a large interactive self-analysis system focusing on 70+ terms to divide the subconscious and conscious mind in everyday life. It is essentially a book to navigate conscious programming. 


May education and power truly free us all.

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