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Please read the contact guidelines below before submitting.

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Thanks for submitting!

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read before contacting

Below are some important things to know before contacting me. Please read before messaging. Always a pleasure to be able to talk with you all one-on-one.

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You can message me truly anything. You can always share vulnerable things but please refrain from fully trauma dumping.

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content requests & questions

I do take questions or content requests - where you can share a topic you would like to see addressed in my content. You are also welcome to share your experiences, ask more general questions or generally make a comment towards my work. You can ask personal questions about me as long as they are respectful.

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how i answer

Keep in mind, even though I favor giving in-depth answers, I usually cannot because of time and volume of messages and comments across here and my two platforms. Instead, I will usually keep the topics people message me in the back of my mind to influence future content. I do not tend to answer any open question too directly, instead I use what is shared to influence the posts I make for my community.

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abstract answers

If I do make a video inspired by a question of yours, I tend to address it very abstractly in my content and never directly. Content requests are always kept anonymous so you can feel safe to share/ask what you truly want.

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just saying hello

If you don't have anything to share and just want to say hello, that is completely welcome. I love meeting this community and thank you for the time that you spend with me. I can't get to everyone but I do try. 

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dm days

For future reference, I do "DM Days" on Instagram where I message many people at once, so tune-in into my Instagram Stories specifically for updates on when my next DM Day will be. I typically announce DM Days the day of.

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special note for partnership bookings

If you are contacting for booking, you are welcome to send an email to directly to Whether it is a booking offer, partnership, event or promotion offer, please ensure that it is completely relevant to my page before contacting.

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